Team Tony

Better join up, coz Lord Tony said,
You innocent suspects are worse than reds under the bed;
Join up or else, to his Team Australia
Lest be labelled a patriotic failure;
Flags and definitions he’ll have to change,
But still he continues to rant on the international range;
Join up! Or this pseudo statesman,
Caught up in a caprice, brandishing a brand,
By George!,
Will accuse almost all of turning to a terror band;
You might be acquainted with a cultural cringe
But the mad monk is on some bad binge
And is completely confined to the cultural fringe;
Scared of national issues, he parades abroad,
Wildly waving his uber nationalistic sword,
But to what end?
I’m afraid he’d be the last to know…,
Just wants to use the local media,
Shock jocks and simpletons he finds speedier,
Like those in Rupertland or Canadia,
To occupy the national glare,
Anything but face the embarrassing stare
Of the electorate, this country, so rare
That must deal with treatment in no way fair.