Redneck Nature

Hey boys!
You dudes with four wheel-drive toys,
You escape every second weekend
A bit of random nature you’re seeking,
Somewhere quite peaceful with only your westie mates peeking,
Snags and booze and a little grey matter leaking,
Hopefully some greenies or hippies you can start freaking;
So you get to crush a little Nature,
And maybe a cyclist or two as you make your way
Back to rejoin the crazy suburban fray;
But hey Man!, What’s this issue you’ve got with Nature?
Don’t you know it’s a force that can’t hate ya?
I know city stress, more or less,
Makes you let off steam with a drive
To show a rebellious streak
Is natural, and not the conserve of a freak,
But to crush innocent Nature is a motive for which not to strive
Even if the city life has put you in a jam where you just can’t thrive;
How many climates does it take to change a globe?
You’re getting warm but one day you’ll be under a fucking strobe.