Randomman gets Smart

Gunna get a smart fone
Maybe in ten years
Maybe ten minutes
What’s the hurry?
Wade through Life’s slurry
Smoke a durrie
Take y time, on y wrist
Enjoy the view, the smell, the roses
Time, time, slow, low, poses, composes
You get the gist
Chew the grist, the cud
Taste it twice, better second
Than u ever reckoned
Even more fecund than ever beckoned or lapsed in a second.
Taste teased time forever.
Or carve a path in seconds
On y bicep, y tricep or in y pocket
Nerds move Time like a shocked rocket.
No time for the sock, the lock, the locket
Went to an old school
Thought it was for old fools
Hipsters reinvented, cemented
Not demented
No longer lamented or tormented
Enter a new Age refermented.