Pram Girls

Into the mid-morning battle they barge,
Barreling furiously forward behind their infant charge;
Sometimes two abreast striding manfully on a track
Or in a mall, on the attack;
Often just one, but still on the offence
Their pramful of joy a juvenile defense;
Two by two equals four,
Wouldn’t squeeze through a double door,
Maybe some of these chicks are emotionally poor
Their childish charges a barrier to relationships raw;
So be wary you cyclists and quick runners
Some of these ladies could be stunners,
You might just be indulging in a little homosociality,
With some random mates, two or three,
But out of their way you’ll be knocked
Left bruised, scarred and shocked
A social pariah, you’ll be called a liar
Who should’ve given way
Coz these babes have got the right of way all day.