My Heart

My heart can’t keep my eyes from looking at you
Even though were states apart;
My heart won’t stop beating for you
Even though our new love is yet to start.


Just what happened last night
For once I seemed to get it all right
It all seemed to go so tight
Could this be the end of my plight

I still can’t believe…, it all happened so quickly,
Two people, freshly dealing with feelings
Feelings with a reputation
Of behaving …,oh so fickly.

But we’re still to have our first dance
Though we’ve had our first kiss
And what a kiss, we took it first chance;
So what’s next? Is there something I miss,
Other than you.

I just want my heart to be humble
It’s days till I see you again;
I’m sure this time round it won’t crumble,
I’m sure this is the end of my pain.

You’ll play hard to get, how could I forget
I’ll try not to seem smitten
Must remember it’s a chase,
Must be chaste lest I be chased;
Still got something in reserve, just hope I get what I deserve.

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