Medical Emergency

Dropped mum off at hospital,
Dementia unit;
Not so bad, better than a moon unit
With a bit of time maybe retune it
Always hope, a new perspective
Anything’s better than retrospective.
Or is it?
New plugs, a quick reboot
New computer took it for a quick scoot
Testing compression
Quick cure for repression, depression
Doing one sixty alongside a Chrysler
He spies the law, I get caught,
Never too late to get taught;
My reasons not stuck in a craw
Didn’t have time my breath to draw
Random man gets random breath
Check it out, count to five,
Told the copper why I drive
No real threat of death
No sure sign of social insurgency
But rather a medical emergency.
Get let go, my shout, I’m no lout
If I break the law, I’ll wear it’s clout
But only if they catch me.