Do you have my intentions please
Do you want my intention, please?
Will the real Random Man please sit down
Will the real Random Man please sit down;
I can see we’re not going to have a problem here;
I’d like to take the mickey out of Mallory
But couldn’t afford the salary;
I hope I said what he dare not dread,
Please sit down or I’ll lose the thread
Fat white boy grabbing his dreads
Still got his mother fixing his threads,
His crotch is his crutch
His mum’s work on his hips
Darn it! Doesn’t know what eminemanates from his lips
Confusing message to give to our kids
But they’re alright, those tin lids
They’ve got the Recovery channel
To learn them to cope with us old flannel
Fools who all went to an old school
But lucky for some, we’re taught by a new fool,
He might be slower than the old dray and no grand master
But one day he hopes to go a helluva lot faster;
So will the real Random Man please sit down, please sit down
If he keeps on flirting with those young chicks
We’ll throw him into a nursing home reserved for old hicks.