Chimneys Three

Get my coffee and cake at Chimneys Three,
Nothing random, never a spending spree
Where the baristas and chefs look a bit like Ghimli;
Get to rub shoulders with cool cats and solid souls
Brad, Shane, Zac, Angie and the crew
Pump their produce not randomly,
But resolutely, absolutely, totally,
Guaranteed to satisfy y’all completely,
Proof their dough is well-kneaded,
Patrons’ taste indeed well heeded;
Then, as sundown seeks the day to close,
When the sky glows a deep red rose,
When the nightlovers search and seek
A mood, a vibe at which to peek,
Moody music, a chance to easy speak,
A nightclub from this café does emerge,
A chance the days’ drama to purge;
So if you ever do get the urge
As dinner passes, and the coffee goes,
Crafty grog and cocktails you’ll be bestowed
To all with good taste endowed,
At Chimneys Three,
Pretty close to the Wollongong sea,
You’ll be welcome,
Both you and me and thee.