Song for Annie Lount

It’s good to be reminded
Just in case you’ve been blinded,
Always a time to be reminded…
If you got no-one for you to mind
No-one to care for, to be there for….
Then maybe it’s time to consider, maybe to redeliver,
Who you care for, who you’re there for…

Maybe it’s a time to change your mind…, a time to reconsider the future of your mind;
The future of who you care for
Who you’re there for, there for,
Wherefore you might be there for…
Someone you might like to share for..


If someone happened to say,
Someone made a play, had something to say,
Maybe changed your day,
And therefore you choose to be there for
Someone, somewhere, somehow, sometime….

It’s good to be reminded,
So you can refine, be re-defined…then…
Maybe you’ll find that you were not so blind,
Not so blind as you might have seemed,
As you might have been;
Maybe you’ll find just what we’re here for
Just what we’re there for, here for,
In this sphere for….;.


Always a time, a place, a feeling, of what where here for
So therefore….
Make up your mind about what you’re here for,
Who you care for.
Who you should be there for…
Before it’s too late to find someone to be there for,
Someone to care for, someone to care for.

My Heart

My heart can’t keep my eyes from looking at you
Even though were states apart;
My heart won’t stop beating for you
Even though our new love is yet to start.


Just what happened last night
For once I seemed to get it all right
It all seemed to go so tight
Could this be the end of my plight

I still can’t believe…, it all happened so quickly,
Two people, freshly dealing with feelings
Feelings with a reputation
Of behaving …,oh so fickly.

But we’re still to have our first dance
Though we’ve had our first kiss
And what a kiss, we took it first chance;
So what’s next? Is there something I miss,
Other than you.

I just want my heart to be humble
It’s days till I see you again;
I’m sure this time round it won’t crumble,
I’m sure this is the end of my pain.

You’ll play hard to get, how could I forget
I’ll try not to seem smitten
Must remember it’s a chase,
Must be chaste lest I be chased;
Still got something in reserve, just hope I get what I deserve.