Capable Man

Do you think that one day,
If some cards fall my way
Life could my randomness perhaps sway
In the direction of a slightly more capable play;
Do things all by myself,
You know…
Without the help of my devout devotee, the overgrown Elf?
He who occupies my large backroom,
Once the province of some gloom and loom
Was a mere sewing room
Now lit brightly by the hairy beast
And by the new internet thingnymajig;
This giant geek has a computer rig
A modern, modem dooverlackie,
I know that terms somewhat old even for a lackey,
That makes me jump as several screens quickly coincide
When buttons briefly he’s touched
Must make once antagonistic atoms instantly collide,
My brain and soul want to avert and hide
As my head and eyes spin and dart
From side to side,
Oh, how it makes me fart and smart;
A website random apparently now I have
I drag my interest from its’ cobwebbed enclave
Sure that one day I will become a slave.
My pencil and old phone and papers I clutch
Random man finds it all a bit much
Comfortably culpable in his incapability,
He’ll wait a while completely out of touch.